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Texas vs. ACU - First Round - 8:50pm on truTV/TNT

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5 minutes ago, rvm96 said:

Probably cleaning the court area after the Oklahoma game 

Our game is on the 2nd court.  

My guess is once the ou game got done, all of those fans must be cleared out of Lucas Oil before the other side can start. 

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1 minute ago, MotownHorn said:

I wonder if that means Brown is in the doghouse 

I assured Jones started the big 12 title game due to browns little fit during the tech game 

Doubt it.  K Jones has simply just played better.  

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39 minutes ago, Lobo said:

Still 8:50p-CDT 'broadcast' time.  We weren't actually gonna tip with the ball in the air until 8:55-8:58p, but with the VCU drop, we should be good to go precisely at 8:50p.

Just enough time to piss and grab some beers from garage fridge and bring 'em inside.  

3 years since we played a tournament game.  Giddy Up Muchachos...


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3 minutes ago, LTtxfan said:




Lisa Byington Ready for Her History-Making March Madness Moment

Byington will become the first woman to do play-by-play for a men's NCAA tournament game this Friday and Saturday.

Announcer Lisa Byington on Friday became the first woman to call a men’s NCAA Tournament game. Unfortunately, she made one big mistake that did not sit well with West Virginia fans.

Just before halftime, Byington was making a note about how much variety West Virginia got in their scoring, especially from deep.

“Five different Virginia players hit threes in the first half,” Byington said.

There was one big problem with the statement: Virginia was not playing in the game. It was West Virginia against Morehead State. Of course, there is a big difference between Virginia and West Virginia, which Byington knows. But getting called Virginia is a sore point for West Virginia, which is a completely different state, with its own proud tradition and program. 

The Mountaineers ended up getting the win and advancing to the second round. They will face Syracuse next.

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I "cut the cord" this past summer and this us the first battle trying to watch something I want to through streaming apps. TruTV and TNT need a satellite/cable subscription or they are on apps like YouTubeTV.
I have FireStick and only paid apps I have are Hulu, Discovery, Disney and bunch of free apps.
get sling. it has lhn too.
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