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Kansas State game week

Tex Pete

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11-12 years ago I watched a Texas-KState game with a buddy that was a huge Wildcat. Both teams were laughably bad and we sat down with a handle of bourbon and made a drinking game where you took a shot for various boneheaded outcomes (fumbles, ints, flags negating first downs, etc.)

We both blacked out before the half. No clue who “won”.

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18 minutes ago, BERT said:

There was one? 

That’s actually the brilliance of the PK system…deception. I have never seen a defense that has everyone playing deep, but yet are constantly beaten deep.  LBers actually confuse the offense by running off the field. Our defensive line allows runners to go past them to go to these now off the field LBers leading to the safeties finally being able to make a play thirty yards down the field. So playing safeties deep now makes sense. At the end of each play, we actually only have two defenders on the field. That really is the only explanation. I have no proof, but it all makes sense as to why we never have anyone near the ball. 

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43 minutes ago, Sgt Hulk said:

I can’t believe college football is over all ready.  It seemed like only yesterday we were screaming show me a loss. B12 title hopes all your croots are belong to us and sec baby here we come.  

now well this is basically the feeling in may 2020 when the earth stopped rotating 

This season was never a "show me a loss" season. 

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1 minute ago, Longboard Horn said:

Apparently Hudson Card is not available for today's game. There is a god! Shit, Craig Way on the pregame broadcast said that walk on Ben Ballard is the back up.... 

Yes. Ballard beat out Wright. That’s the story from the younger Austin High alumni network. If there is such a thing. 

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