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Captain Picard is back

Michael Knight

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It’s official — Patrick Stewart is returning to the Star Trek franchise. The acclaimed Shakespearean actor is set to headline a new Star Trek series for CBS All Access, reprising his iconic Next Generation character, Captain Jean-Luc Picard. 



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22 hours ago, Neonmoon said:

He is old as fuck

“Captain’s Log, Star Date 96195.14.  I was watching cable news this morning, and Cybertronic Ted Nugent v.79853.0 really opened my eyes about some things.  In the morning I’m going to have the Computer check Worf’s and Geordi’s papers ... and whether anything has gone missing on the ship.  I’ve also decided I need robot insurance in case Data tries to steal my blood pressure medicine so he can eat it for fuel.  Data scares me, because his hands are made of metal, and robots are strong.  If I didn’t need him to help me login to my 401k account I would do something about him myself.  Well, anyway it’s 4:00 PM so off to dinner and bed for me.”

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14 hours ago, yoshi said:

Paying for a subscription for CBS to watch this?  Quite a racket CBS has going convincing people to pay extra for an OTA network.

CBS All Access shows don't air on CBS OTA.  So the nerds who want Star Trek have to pony up.

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57 minutes ago, Js1 said:

CBS All Access shows don't air on CBS OTA.  So the nerds who want Star Trek have to pony up.

Yeah I know, that's my point.  They are going to throw a couple of shows on there to get people to pay a subscription price for a network that has always been free.  But hey, you can anytime on demand access to all their shitty laugh track sitcoms too.     

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24 minutes ago, Js1 said:

I mean, considering the MAIN character is Spock's adopted sister...

You want the casual viewers? bring in a character they know.

You aren't going to convince casual viewers to spend the bucks on a CBS streaming service over Star Trek.

Having her be his adopted sister was a really bad sign that they didn't feel like it could stand on its own and they had to try and bring in more folks.

Which follows the new Star Wars live-action series having to set itself between Star Wars movies.  Neither one of them is confident about their IPs these days.

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53 minutes ago, Red Five said:

Hopefully he plays Spock as a rage filled asshole like Quinto.

Damn it, Red Five, Spock needs depth!  If you take away his lust, uncontrolled rage, and other emotions, then he’s not even like a human!  What is he supposed to use as the basis for his decisions?   Besides, for the narrative Kirk needs a reckless asshole who lets his emotions get the better of him to be there as a foil to highlight Kirk’s comparative rationality.

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25 minutes ago, Parliament said:

Don't give them any ideas.

Don't think they haven't considered giving him a series where he's a starship captain.

As much as people hated the character, the actor has a considerable geek/nerd following and has the self-promotion thing down.

And that Traveler stuff would easily play into a new series.

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Looks like a bunch of new spin-offs now to make CBS All Access have more options:



7 Star Trek series to be on the air by 2020

by Andrew Depledge16 hours ago

Ever since Alex Kurtzman signed on to take command of everything Star Trek for CBS All-Access he’s been building an entire fleet of shows to bring our favourite show to more fans than ever.

From 1982 to 2005 Star Trek fans thought we were living in the golden age, we had movies from Star Trek: The Original Series And Star Trek: The Next Generation, seven seasons each of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: Voyager and four seasons of Star Trek: Enterprise. All told that’s 624 episodes and 9 movies in 23 years.

The coming years may be even bigger.

Star Trek: Short Treks

A companion series which has so far consisted of four episodes with a much shorter runtime, each has so far served as an outstanding character study for one character. Three focused on known Star Trek: Discovery characters while one followed a new character and was set in the distant future.

It was recently announced that another two episodes will be added to the series, and from their reception so far I think it’s safe to assume they won’t be the last.

Star Trek: Picard

Expected to première in late 2019 new details about this series have recently been released, the former Captain of the Enterprise will star as a man changed by his own life, and by the events of his career and the preceding twenty years.

Following the supernova that lead to the destruction of Romulus and the apparent loss of Ambassador Spock the Romulan Star Empire was dissolved and it’s people spread out. That’s the backdrop for the universe in which we find Picard, who’s mission during his career had involved trying to find a path towards peace between Romulus and the Federation.

Said to be a far more contemplative series, it will bring us along on an unexpected journey for one of our most iconic characters, and is planned to have a substantial run including multiple seasons and possible guest appearances by some familiar faces from the franchises past.

Star Trek: Starfleet Academy

Announced in June 2018, and being developed by Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage (Gossip Girl)  there are few details, however the series is expected to skew towards the young adult market and would follow cadets through Starfleet Academy in San Francisco.

There have been several versions of the Academy pitched as series in the past, as well as many novels on the subject which have ranged from the Star Trek: The Original series crew as cadets to Worf in the academy to Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’s flirtation with advanced or élite groups of cadets receiving advanced training.

Star Trek: Lower Decks

The next series to be announced, a half hour animated comedy from Mike McMahon (Rick & Morty), is expected to be family friendly while skewing towards a slightly older crowd as some more edgy animated series do these days.

‘The series will follow the ‘less important’ crew members on an ‘unimportant vessel’ in Starfleet. The original pitch included the types of characters who put the yellow cartridges in the replicators so yellow coloured bananas can be made. While hardly technically correct for the science of Star Trek it does sound like comedy gold.

Star Trek: Section 31

This series is set to be a spin-off of Star Trek: Discovery starring Michelle Yeoh as Philippa Georgiou, an agent for Section 31, and former emperor of the mirror universes Terran Empire.

By all appearances a part of Season 2 of Star Trek: Discovery will serve as a backdoor pilot for the series in which the mirror doppelgänger of Captain Georgiou will complete missions for the secret espionage branch of Starfleet. Likely to be for an older audience with violence and questionable moral decisions it’s an interesting way to move forward with a part of the universe good moral citizens may not feel comfortable working in. It’s being called something of a Jack Bauer meets Star Trek type series.

Untitled Kid friendly animated series

Announced January 8, 2019 this series will be the third animated series for the Star Trek and the second now in development. This series is set to serve as the Star Trek universes entry-level show for children. While details are scarce we should expect to get more information on this series in the coming weeks.

Ceti Alpha V

A three-part mini series focusing on the planet Ceti Alpha V in between the time of the first season of Star Trek and Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan this series written by Nicholas Meyer (Wrath of Khan) will follow the crew of the SS Botany Bay in the aftermath of their encounter with the Enterprise and Captain Kirk in the first season episode Space Seed.

The events of this miniseries will allow us to follow Khan as he goes from the overconfident leader we saw in 1966 to the vengeful killer of 1982.

There’s something for just about everyone

Some of these series may never make it to post production, but with so much announced in a short span of time it certainly appears that Alex Kurtzman is keen to bring something to the table for everyone to enjoy.

The next golden age of Star Trek is upon us, and with the potential end of the Kelvin timeline, more Trek on TV will be needed to fill the gap.



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Star Trek: Picard TV show gets a sensible name and a perfect logo

Make it so. The new CBS All Access show stars Patrick Stewart returning as Jean-Luc Picard.

 MAY 15, 2019 2:58 PM PDT
  • He's coming back.
CBS Photo Archive

The legend lives on. The previously unnamed Star Trek show that picks up with the continuing adventures of Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart) now has an official title. It's the very sensible Star Trek: Picard.

Streaming service CBS All Access unveiled the name and a fresh logo for the series during upfronts week, a time when networks woo advertisers with presentations for upcoming shows. (Disclosure: CBS is the parent company of CNET.)

The official Star Trek Twitter account posted a short video showing the new logo, which features a Starfleet insignia in the place of the "A" in Picard's name.

Embedded video

#StarTrek: Picard will stream exclusively on @CBSAllAccess in the United States, on Amazon #PrimeVideo in more than 200 countries and territories and in Canada on Bell Media’s @SpaceChannel and OTT service @CraveCanada. @StarTrekCBS @primevideouk http://bit.ly/STPicardTitle 


Buzzfeed News correspondent Kate Aurthur also tweeted out a first peek at the show, a screenshot with a soberly dressed Picard looking towards the camera. There appears to be a person in a gold-and-black, Next Generation-style Starfleet uniform out of focus in the background.

Star Trek: Picard will stream in the US on CBS All Access, but will be available through Amazon Prime Video in most other countries. The show is expected to debut later in 2019.


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