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Covers Good and Bad


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Well, the title says "good AND bad", so I'll throw this one out, since it popped up when I was searching for a live Peter Gabriel video I've seen several times.  I'll admit it, I can't stand Postmodern Jukebox, but they topped themselves here.  It's so unbelievably out of touch, apparently oblivious to what the song is about (which is "fucking") . . . I'm just totally dumbstruck that someone never stepped in and said "yeah, you kids aren't getting it".  It's not a damn sockhop you chodes.  Listen at your own peril.



For reference, here's Peter Gabriel and band knocking it out of the park, at an appropriate tempo, with a bass player who defines groove as opposed to some twat who thinks he's in the pocket but wouldn't recognize a pocket if you spotted him a free pair of pants, plus a drummer who knows what a backbeat is, not to mention a singer (duh) who isn't an inept, soulless piece of shite:


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I wasn't sure where to put this, but since it's a cover, I'll put it here.

It's also really good and really bad.

Kravitz is unbelievably stiff -- there is zero soul in his vocals until after the final break.  He sounds like a guy trying out for the high school choir.

BUT, the band is smokin'.  Craig Ross, Kenny Aronoff, who could ask for more?  Brilliant.  They get the tune.  Both of them angle a little more towards the straight up on-top-of-the-beat approach that every bar band not featuring John Bonham and Jimmy Page must cultivate, because . . . those guys just did things different.  That said, it's tight as hell and really powerful stuff.

Plus, Obama and YoYo Ma.  So suck on that, CR.


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