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Tesla moving its Headquarters to Austin

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1 hour ago, NotActuallyALonghorn said:

The way things are going, the entire state is going to be screwed by home prices and property taxes.

Yes, but you see they're going to get around to property tax relief.  And this time, like I said when I swore off tequila in college, THIS TIME---WE MEAN IT!

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On 10/13/2021 at 11:06 PM, MrBig said:

Should I divorce my wife so we can each get a homestead exemption? 


Of, course, you can’t take 2 homestead exemptions on the same house  


But I’m a divorce attorney, so more business for me. 

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16 hours ago, tx 3 putt said:

college gameday sport GIF

is it Austin or Silicon Valley ?

They're basically now officially calling their largest engineering office their "engineering headquarters".  Kind of like Toyota North America has their HQ in Dallas but their Engineering HQ in Detroit.


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On 2/23/2023 at 8:13 PM, StassneyHorn said:

My sister got a job in the Austin site, so they’ll definitely hire anyone. Looked like Fremont CA on Indeed still had the most openings

15 minutes ago, Clintonaldo said:

I need a picture of your sister for my files. 

Or you can just post the link to her onlyfans account

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