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2023 DB Warren Roberson

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Very nice!




How Warren Roberson fits at Texas:

Roberson has some definite position flexibility on the back end of a defense. He has good top end speed but what really stands out is how he changes direction and glides around the field with ease. I think Star (nickel) might be his best fit at Texas since he could utilize his size and change of direction skills matching slots, baiting throws from quarterbacks, and mixing in blitzes. – Ian Boyd 

Coach says:

Strengths — Good size for a DB with a muscular upper body. Has obvious functional game strength and his competitiveness is apparent from the film. As a defensive back, he looks good in back pedal or shuffle. Sees the play quickly and triggers. Smooth hip transitions. Arrives ready to rumble. I like that he’s not throwing shoulders around. Generally trying to form tackle and bring some aggression. Catches with soft hands and is looking to score quickly with the ball in his hands. Receiver highlights have some nice examples of stalk blocks. I could see him as an early contributor on specials.

Areas for Improvement / Concerns —  As a WR, route running needs a bit of work and diversity. Profiles more as a DB in my opinion, but best fit may not be obvious at first (I’d say safety).


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