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Chinese Coronavirus

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2 hours ago, Xian said:

Screams of the lockdown.  It really looks like a horror movie

to make things worse, reports are that the government barricaded the tenement buildings. So everyone is stuck in high rise prisons 


oh and did I mention the fuckers are all spitting from their windows? Wtf   Trying to infect everyone else 

Seems like an incredibly easy thing to fake. Just edit the audio. 

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1 hour ago, 0xdeadbeef said:

If you crave more daily analysis about the coronavirus from a real doctor breaking things down, check out this youtube channel:


He's an old British doctor who does a good job explaining shit.  In his Sunday update, he's calling on WHO to go ahead an declare this a pandemic. 

I recommend Dr. John Campbell's videos. He said even someone with WHO called him to thank him. I have been watching his videos for a couple weeks.

As for Iran, with 8 deaths, and Dr. Campbell's sources say there are many times that, but if you believe there is 8 deaths and a CFR of ~1% there are already more than 10,000 infected. This also assumes that death typically occurs after three weeks and the total number of infections doubles every 6 days. Iran is already past the point of being able to contain it.

As for me I am in day 5 of a dry cough but with no other symptoms, so far. After a sick Japanese man took a trip to Indonesia, I am still worried about someone coming to the Philippines on vacation when they are sick.

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Shit going down in Sweden


hospitals so overwhelmed that patients are sleeping in kitchen. So far government is saying just the common flu, but haven’t test for corona yet. If it truly is the common flu, I can’t say I’m impressed with Sweden’s medical system. 

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