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Old Fashioned Hamburger Stands

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On 10/29/2022 at 11:46 AM, Underdog said:

Wife and I did a day trip down to NJ, there’s a Container Store in Paramus she likes to hit up, anyway we stopped by Steve’s Burger nearby in Garfield, NJ.  It was pretty good, not better than Wingfields or even Dan’s imo… 



Man that looks really good. I would not have guessed something like that being in Garfield, but that’s cool and thank you for sharing that. Overall I find that there are a lot of places to get pretty good burgers up in this area. I honestly think that in NYC you will find better burger places than pizza.

My last trip to Garfield was December 2021 and it ended with a trip to the emergency room, stitches on two fingers to partially bring together the skin that was left on the knuckles of my ring and middle finger. The middle finger on my left hand is still bent down more than a year later. Perhaps I should have just gone to Steve’s and skipped the grocery shopping that day!

I have not had Wingfield’s in a long time, but gosh it was really good. Those bacon grease fries had great flavor. 

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Johnson’s Stepping Stone Cafe in the metropolis of downtown Bixby, OK.  Jumbo cheeseburger basket with fried okra for under ten bucks.  

That looks like a great fucking burger. For those not familiar with Indian Territory Bixby is just outside Tulsa.
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