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Ro Jo should starts


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9 minutes ago, mdmost said:

He's up there with Fozzy Whittaker for self-less players. Just a great player who brought it every week and did everything that was ever asked of him.

Absolutely this! Ro Jo will always be a special player. Loved watching him drag 5 defenders for an extra 5 yards every time he did it!

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29 minutes ago, LTtxfan said:


That was some Johnson on Johnson crime right there.

Looked a bit shaky in the 3rd quarter for a bit but the ending was perfect. Texas putting the game on the shoulders of the two horses who did what they do best. Dont know when well see a backfield that looks like this again.

Gonna miss Rojo. The heart of the team. Does everything the way its supposed to be done, gives more effort than anyone else and bleeds Orange. Got damn Im gonna miss him.

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Was some question whether or not Johnson would play today. There obviously was never any question in his mind.

Said it before but we'll miss his locker room presence just as much as his on-the-field performance. Johnson epitomizes what we want a football player, and any athlete, to be at Texas. A leader, and beyond.

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My Reflections

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This isnt a goodbye post although it will probably read that way at first. I aint going nowhere.

First off, I want to thank IT (both the staff and community) for bringing me on the site and welcoming me with open arms and love. Justin got me started with an account and I havent looked back. Thanks man. Eric is my guy. A true professional. One day I hope to have a drink with you, man. Bobby, Gerry, Joe, Ian, Paul, all of you are masters of your craft and its great to see you guys work in your prime, delivering elite content for a crazy fanbase while maintaining a level of professionalism that other writers on the outside and even the Texas side of things do not.

As far as the community, thank you guys for being awesome. I didnt grow up a longhorns fan nor did I really watch college football much at all. Through my time here spent with you all here, on Twitter, and in person, I feel like Ive grown into one. Im truly invested and plan to continue going to the games long after Shug leaves. Through IT, I became a fan like you guys. Thanks.


Boy has it been a ride. Shugs (or Rojos) career has been so fun to watch and experience. Im blessed, man. Im fortunate enough to be in the unique position of being THAT guys brother.

I remember him as a toddler, chasing us (myself and our brother, JJ) in the front yard to try to tackle us. Wed dive at his feet and let him zip around us for scores. I remember when he started flag football. There was a play in which he was chasing a kid 1 on 1 and was nearly about to pull his flag. Then his shoe flew off! Instead of taking the flag and stopping the kid, he turned around and went back for his shoe! TD!

I remember him starting tackle football ball for a local pop Warner squad and meeting a bully in practice. One Oklahoma drill later that kid was on his back crying. I remember him rushing for 1600 yds every season as a Qb in high school. I remember the 10 TD game against Crosby. All the mid county madness games. Becoming PNGs most prolific recruit and Qb ever.

I also remember him going to Texas and being fuckinggg legendary. While it isnt the route any of us expected, what he achieved during his time in Austin makes me so proud. I get emotional thinking about it.

Ive asked him more than once does he regret anything. The rb switch. Not transferring and becoming the guy. Ive made the argument to him that had he played for another big 12 school, hes likely top 2 in conference competing with with Bijan for most rush yards. While he misses Qb and probably always will, hes content. The answer is no. He sees his path to the nfl and he loves his Texas and they love him. I love that you love him.

What I mean to say is that Ive seen this coming from a long way. I told my friends in college that my brother in middle school would make it to the league. Initially skeptical, Id pull out a game dvd and prove it to them. He was undeniable. Like our Dad says, Be Undeniable. Ive seen his story play out and Ive always known where it would end up.

Ill be at the senior bowl and of course Ill be there with him on draft day. I doubt Ill be able to keep my emotions at bay then but I also wont try to either. I want to be in that moment with him so I can add it to my collection of memories. I couldnt be more proud.


I didnt plan on writing this, its probably the Mezcal.

This was too good to not share.

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When he switched to RB I figured he'd at least be serviceable. It took one game for me to be convinced he had NFL potential. He deserves all the love and recognition that comes his way. When he retires from the NFL as a millionaire, give him a Michael Huff role in the RBs room.

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2 hours ago, pacman said:

This was too good to not share.

Great post by Ros brother. I knew he was highly accomplished as a QB but thats a tough gig and it would have been tough for him to make it to the league as a guy who sounds like he ran the ball a lot.
Seeing the way hes built and more importantly the nastiness with which he runs the ball, its hard to see him as anything other than a RB. Hope he finds great success, a long healthy career and a lot of $$$ in the league.

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Draft Riser: RB Roschon Johnson, Texas


At first, it was tough to get past Texas running back Roschon Johnson being a backup. It feels tough to grade a backup highly, even when the guy in front of themin this case, Bijan Robinsonmay be a top-five player in the entire class.

But the more I study the Texas offense, the sillier I realize that inhibition is.

Johnson is a bruiser. He's listed at 6'2" and 222 pounds, which is roughly the same as Bijan Robinson (6'0", 222 lbs). But Johnson plays with an even meaner streak.

Johnson runs violently downhill, pressing straight forward with powerful strides that make defenders question whether they really want to bring him down. Upon contact, he fights like hell to bounce and shed defenders, which regularly helps him squeeze out extra yardage.

Additionally, Johnson has just enough speed and wiggle to make him more than just late-stage Michael Turner. He's never going to be a home run hitter or a true threat in space, but he can do just enough to round out his game and let his dominant traits shine.

Johnson won't go nearly as high as Robinson in the draft. Regardless, the Longhorns backup could turn into a real-deal starter in the NFL, at least as an early-down back.

Derrik Klassen


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