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Where famous/notable Texans were born


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1 hour ago, miguelito said:

Carol Burnett.

This.  And map excludes Steve Martin?  Steve Martin. one of the 5 all-around funniest people in the last 50 years.  Think about that.  Stupid map is fucking stupid.  Delete thread.  

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5 hours ago, po elvis said:

Matthew McConaughey should have made the map since there is a blank space at Uvalde.

Yeah, pretty obvious omission given that they listed Brad Pitt.  I mean, McConaughey also has an Oscar, and its for best lead actor, not supporting.

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Winters, TX-Rogers Hornsby.  Along with Tris and some others, my god what an infield you could make with Texans.  

Fucking OP/map is absolute fucking garbage.  Fucking delete it before we all go down this shitty rabbit hole.  Which, admittedly, I'm already halfway down.  

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2 hours ago, Braff Zacklin said:

I see Muleshoe still hangs its hat on being home to Lee  Horsley. They've had that sign up since the early 90s, at least.

Don’t forget about ole Hoss Cartwright from O’Donnell

AKA Dan Blocker

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Gary P Nunn anyone?  

Also, you can't drive through Winters without seeing the Rogers Hornsby sign.  We're talking baseball royalty...


""I've always felt Rogers Hornsby was the greatest hitter for average and power in the history of baseball," - Ted Williams

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