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World Cup Day 7 - Tunisia/Australia, Poland/Saudi Arabia, France/Denmark, Argentina/Mexico

Captain Ron

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Today is a perfect example of why I've generally stopped watching American football and limited myself almost exclusively to football. Michigan v Ohio State was going into half time when this game started. I've been able to watch 90 minutes of football plus halftime and stoppage time and it's going to end at the same time as the 30 minute American football second half.

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5 minutes ago, InkaUtexas said:

For the first time in my life I am rooting for the Saudis. 

There’s something about Saudi Arabia that I just don’t like. Can’t quite put my finger on it. It’s like they did something really bad in the past that has affected my opinion of them. 

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4 hours ago, ztejas said:

Argentina has a dude named MacAlister? 

I have Argentine friends named HUGHES, MURPHY, PETERSON (my first Spanish tutor upon arriving 15 1/2 years ago).

The Hughes family has some Scottish dancing over at “Granny’s” on New Year’s Eve.

When my English amigo married the Murphy girl from the province of La Pampa, the wedding was the most English wedding I’ve ever attended, except for the dress code.


4 hours ago, kingkoopa6 said:

papa prolly scottish

Hughes family name was “O’Hughes” way back when, but Granny is a “Murchison”, as in relatives of the Murchison family that founded the Dallas Cowboys and that’s the Scottish branch. 

British companies oversaw the building of the ports, the train lines, the streetcar system, and ultimately the subway system from the mid 1800s through to WWII or so.

Tons of Brits came over after WWI because there were jobs and much better weather. 

4 hours ago, TexArcher said:

Remember the famous German player Mario Gomez?

There was an Argie defender on the 2010 World Cup team named (Gabriel) Heinze. (Most recently was the manager of Atlanta United, but got fired early this season or the one before.)

At least Mario Gómez had a German mom. Mario Fernandes (Brazil) played for Russia in 2018 just had the connection of playing professionally 

4 hours ago, ztejas said:

More on Mac Allister.

In an interview with The Athletic, he said "I remember everyone called me Colo, which is 'ginger' in Argentina. I don't like it much and Messi told the teammates, 'He doesn't like to be called Colo, so don't call him that!'"[47]

Wholesome Messi. 

Colo” is short for “colorado/a”. I learned that that’s what they called a “red-head” from the family I first lived with, but I never heard either word in the streets. 

2 hours ago, The_Great_Hornsby said:

Mexico is still in pretty good position to qualify if Argentina wins against Poland and they beat Saudi Arabia. But I am not sure they will beat Saudi Arabia playing like this.

México is in a shitty position to advance.

They want Poland to win.

If Poland beats Argentina, the México just has to be Saudi Arabia and and they are in.

If Argentina & Poland tie, the México has to win by 3 goals.

If Argentina beats Poland, they need Argentina to win by as much as possible because México is -2 GD and Poland is +2 GD. 4 goals is an assload to make up. I don’t know what the final tie-breaker is, but 2-0 wins by Argentina & Mexico would see Poland & Mexico tied on:

Points, Goal Differential, Head-to-Head, and Total Goals scored.

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