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5 hours ago, billfromlaketravis said:

My favorite Apple product is the AirPod Pros. I've dropped one in the pool, left them in a shorts pocket in the washer, and they've survived. 2 years going strong, and I use them constantly 9-10 hours a workday. 

Pair well with Apple TV and sound better than most sound bars. $249 is a steal. 

I had no such luck before the pros were released. I’m much more protective of my pros because of it.

4 minutes ago, deft said:

I’ve had the 1st gen for some time but the 2nd gen keep looking temping. They go on sale for $199 a lot it seems.

The noise cancellation improvements are worth it. I’ve had both. Transparency is better as well. 

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I didn’t buy the 1st gen until after they nerfed the mythical OG ANC. That said, I’ve definitely noticed the performance of ANC has gone done over time and firmware upgrades. I’m not holding out hope for it not happening to the 2nd gen.

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Never considered “trading in” electronic equipment, but tempted to swap my 13” M1 Air for an 14” M2 Pro.

Surprised Costco is offering $500 and Apple $550 for my laptop, which was $1150 new, approaching 2.5 years old. 

Thats less than <$1/day for a device I average way more than 1hr/day of usage. 

To be clear the thing is a champ and I have absolutely Ø justifiable need for a new one….but new is new, right?

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