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[SWEET SIXTEEN BOUND] Texas vs Penn State - NCAA Tourney round of 32


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the one thing that worries me is that under RT we have been giving up some wide open looks from three. what makes me feel better about that is that we have tightened things up in that department over the last 5-6 games, so if we can continue to pressure the perimeter the way we have it late then i really like our chances.

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A school whose athletics legacy was built on the institutional cover up of the face rape of young boys.  And yet, we still look as a country, for pretend boogeyman to blame for harming children  When all the while, we were putting up statutes of them on our public spaces.  

People say Penn State is more than just its tarnished football legacy.  That they learn, teach, research, and excel in other sports.  That they are more than just that decades long conspiracy, that they have flourished in so many more ways and benefited the people of Pennsylvania and Big 10 Country.

As of tonight, the notion that Penn State ever did anything good for anyone is a rumor.  It never happened.  

Texas 72, Penn State 60.  And call up Paterno's kids.  I gotta guy that needs a project.  

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I just re-read some testimony and facts about Sandusky and this fucking abomination of a university.

That they're even allowed to have a football, basketball or athletic program in general is fucking abhorrent.

As a father of two young boys I want Texas to fucking demolish this fucking team. I don't give a shit that their current team had nothing to do with it. They still chose to fucking go to this child-raping and enabling institution of depravity.

Fucking destroy them until they are as lifeless as Paterno's rotting corpse and are as emotionally and physically battered as Sandusky hopefully is after "Sweet Lou" and his boys have pummeled and taken turns on him in the prison shower.

Fuck Pedo State now and forever.

Let's fucking go.

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