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8 hours ago, Prepuce of Doom said:

I feel like I haven't seen 20 year old pictures of that lady from JAG in a bikini in a while - where's Phlegm? 

Phlegm's been around and even posts every now and then, but he's recently moved, and has a bad back, so he's understandably cranky and unable to concentrate long enough to longcat the ever-loving-snot out of random threads with random gifs.

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On 6/13/2018 at 12:29 AM, Bullneck said:

There have been a bunch of name changes.  I think Swam is RaisinOatmealCookie (who seems like an idiot, so it's hard to know).  Rocko has been banned.  FC I'm not sorry to see go.

not sure about that. it is no secret I didn't care for swam's ideology or warped sense of reality but he never struck me as someone open minded enough to support transgender rights or dumb enough to think "transracial" was a legitimate ethos. However, I'm not that familiar with ROC's style but don't think swam would go for either of those two things.  unless it was just trolling by ROC.

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On 6/16/2018 at 11:43 PM, Zepol87 said:


Also I'm pretty you were right about travelingtexan being gostarsgo. Sorry for doubting you sir

Depends. Has he solicited the board for advice on places to eat for under $1,000/head in Gstaad while attending a private U2 concert? And posted it while attending a Munich Bayern match after partying with the Dallas Stars in Monaco earlier in the day?

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Just now, TwiceHorn said:

Yeah, shit.  It has been a while.

hope he wouldn't mind me saying, but he and i exchanged emails recently and he ain't coming back. sucks, because he's hilarious, and as knowledgable and passionate about college basketball as anyone we've had.

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