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A story about a pathetic man's downfall

Francisco 2.0

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Here's to hoping this thread is dominated by talk of his legal issues and plights, accompanied with similar talk of his family and cronies.    Day after day embarrassment and uncertainty for them all.   Talk of their being exposed and ostracized by those whose favor they seek.   Exposed for the grifting white trash they are.   Enough so to turn their dumbass base even.  

Not too much to ask, right?  In a just world they would be due this like any of us.  Please do not let them off the hook.

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2 minutes ago, tx 3 putt said:

it's going to be epic. he's going to call for a civil war, im calling it now 

He did call for people to show up in D.C. then.  Flynn and others are referencing it.


There's still a chance he's going to use it to launch his new TV network (YouTube channel), and whatever organization he uses his PAC and campaign money for.

Also, Lin Wood's tweets will only get more epic as well.

This is a good start to the year.

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