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Albums with no bad songs


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I’m pretty sure we did this thread before and I offered up Wire “Pink Flag”. I still stand by that one.


SpiritWorld “Pagan Rhythms”

Boris “Akuma No Uta” (although sometimes I am not in the mood for Naki Kyoku”)

Cardinale “31:13” (cheating a bit here because it’s just one song)

Cavity “On the Lam”

Converge “Jane Doe”

Down “NOLA”

Quicksand “Slip”

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On 4/14/2023 at 10:01 PM, Carl Spackler said:

A photograph of the Who walking away from a stone monolith and zipping up their pants, with visible streaks of urine on the structureFieldDayAlbum.jpgMarshallCrenshawAlbum.jpgPlimsouls Everywhere.jpg

That first Marshall Crenshaw album still gets a lot of play around casa de hulla.  Same for Everywhere At Once.  Oldest Story In The World is a top 10 song for me.  I've seen Peter Case a bunch of times, and he's never played that song.  My brother says every time he see Peter, he plays it.  I once saw him play back to back sets.....only repeated one song and he never played Oldest Story.  


Peter's album, Full Service No Waiting doesn't have a bad song on it.  Same for his 1986 debut album. 
I LOVE this one from Full Service.  "Going out tonight, way downtown. Where my friends who died still hang around"  Wow. 


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