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White Lotus - HBO

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watching it i knew she had won ahead of time, but during the watch i couldn't figure out why.

she did have some scenes where she was acting acting. so i give her that.

im thinking it was because it was a weak field- so that's why she won???

i haven't seen dopesick, so cant say anything on the other ladies




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S2 was better than most US tv shows but I don't care much for reliance on the continual stupidity of multiple characters in order to move the plot. From my distant recollection S1 mostly avoided that. Unfortunately, S2's plot relied on the blatant and ongoing stupidity of Tonya, Albie, and Portia. I enjoyed the finale when Tonya momentarily got a clue, grabbed the gun and shot multiple bad dudes. But she was quickly back to form just in time to end the possibility that we'll have to see her in S3. 

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