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2022 Rain Thread

South Austin

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<Almost not wanna post here today, but...>

Decent but not great change of significant rain this week:
- Mon day - fuggeddabouddit
- Mon aft/night - pretty good chance of brief shower.  Don't get out your surfboard.
- Tues day - nah
- Tues night -nyah nyah
- Wed day - what's for dinner, tacos?
- Wed night - no, leftovers
- Thurs day - nudgy lil' chance as this whatever arrives from NOLA
- Thurs night - but probably will do the coast more
- Fri day - if it's happenin', it's happenin' now thru Sat day.  Is it happenin'?  Dunno, if so will be back.

tl;dr:  spotty rain, brief very scattered, mostly Tuesday then later Thursday-Saturday if so. Most of it right now looks coastal or just inland.

That is all.  For now.

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Yeah guys...this is all my fault.  I noticed in early May that my rain gauge had been broken so I got a new one thinking it may be useful.  I think it's collected maybe 2.5 inches of rain since then and I live in the Houston area.  Ridiculous.

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Well, the good news is that it finally rained at my house. The bad news is that it was a legit storm with hail and 40+ mph winds. It knocked out the power. It’s not supposed to be restored until 6. So I left the house to grab some pizza and a cocktail.

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1 hour ago, Trey3216 said:

<Lives in an area that would typically have had 20+ inches of rain at this point in the year, yet sees 8.75" officially so far this year.  And is bitching that we need rain> 

Quit bragging.

Just 3.7” total for the year here.

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30 minutes ago, Storm the Field said:

Been dark as shit and thundering outside my office in central Houston for the last 2 hours. Not a single drop appears to have actually fallen though. Looks like the majority of it passed to the west of town. Nice tease.

Wet streets in the heights and dropped to low 80s. Sweet relief!!

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Not sure who's caught how much rain this year, but on our place between Johnson City and Blanco we're at about only 5" going back to October.  Just missed a nice shower earlier this afternoon, and the big one that was near New Braunfels is falling apart en route to us. Ugh. 

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12 minutes ago, Anastasis said:

Ftr took the car to the car wash today. 

Good little summer rain in Hewitt.  Probably won't amount to much but I'm having a great time standing in the garage with my 6-year-old boy explaining how we need to always be grateful for rain.  As I was in the middle of telling him how standing and watching the rain was something I always enjoyed doing with my dad when I was a kid he blurted out "Dad I can rain cloud pee".  

Ok moments over.

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9 minutes ago, Anastasis said:

The kid clearly comes from good stock. 

* call.*  I was typing that when he was chasing his sister asking her if she wanted to see cloud pee.  

I love that little fucker so much.

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