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CR: COVID-19 --Political Talk

Mrs Whiggins

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1 hour ago, AnotherUTFan said:

I had a breakthrough infection i posted about somewhere above and it lasted about 2 weeks. Mostly just a cough, short breath, and requiring a lot of sleep. Glad I was vaccinated, I can't imagine getting hit with that at full force. I've now had 3 negative tests, so its behind me.

The other day I learned a friend had canceled a vacation with no explanation why. I texted her and said I heard the news and hoped she's OK. Her response was that she and her boyfriend were sick with COVID and they blame me, im the only person they know who had it.

I asked if they were vaccinated. She unloads that "everybody is attacking us for not being vaccinated and its really not fair!" Says they were being extra careful wearing masks etc. Her boyfriend was the kind who never wore his mask during the mandate, or it was under his nose like an idiot if he did. She's a bartender.

I'm sorry they got sick, but I'm not sure how much guilt I should carry.

Meanwhile I get into it with the guy who runs the pizza shop next door, who's a friend. Its a Brazilian family. He tells me he moved to this country for freedom and he doesn't need the government telling him what to do, etc. I tell him he has a responsibility to our neighbors who are buying prepared food from him, but he says its ok cause he always wears his mask when he's in the restaurant.

Says they are thinking about moving to Florida where there's more freedom. During the election it was Texas they were thinking about moving to for the same reason. Obviously they were pro-Trump.

This is in San Francisco where vaccination rates are above 70%. Now we're back to a fucking mask mandate.

I'm struggling to figure why you should feel any inkling of guilt. Blaming someone else for giving you covid is dumb as shit in general, doubly so if the someone else is vaccinated, eleventy billionly so if they're vaccinated and you're not. 

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