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Bullet Train (Brad Pitt is a gift from God.)


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2 hours ago, henrygandorf said:

i won’t watch a trailer unless it has a mini trailer for the trailer before the trailer. 

dumbest shit ever. 

Tis the world of the 5 second YouTube skip. They have to convince people to keep watching the rest of the trailer before 5 seconds. 

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6 hours ago, Elmer_Fudd said:

Anyone seen it yet?

I watched it Tuesday on an early screening here and then again tonight. I love it. It had cool action scenes and it made me laugh. It is well worth watching in the theatre. It is actually better to see it with a full audience than to wait and watch it at home.

I attempted to read a few reviews of the movie, but I stopped myself because I feel like movie critics come across as highly self-important people and many of them are just miserable human beings. We can all use a break from reality for a couple of hours and this movie does that and keeps you interested throughout. The cameos in the movie were cool too. 

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Just got back, I thought it was great fun. The cameos and storytelling were a trip. Not the best movie I’ve seen lately but a great way to kill a couple hours. My only complaint was the movie theater itself. It featured a Dolby Atmos sound system which was incredibly loud and engaging but I spent the first half movie trying to figure out what the hell everyone was saying.

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The tone of this movie was a bit of a miss for me, it swung too hard into gory macabre to fit the fun comedy feel that the trailer gave, and it really didn't need to. Plenty of good acting and laugh out loud moments, a plot that actually had surprising depth and development, and fantastic characters. Visually gorgeous. Would have been just a good with less gore, and appealed to a wider audience. That said, fun mindless action movie, good one to rewatch on a plane.

Lemon was great.

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