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Fun Ass Movies


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No, not those kind.

What are your favorite movies that are just fun to watch. They can be genre agnostic. Awards or even box office success are unnecessary. They could be action, comedy, horror, suspense, snuff film, kids bday party etc. But they usually have a tongue-in-cheek, insouciant style that hooks you in for the ride and has you involuntarily smiling (or whatever appropriate reaction) throughout. Often they are "wow" movies in terms of cinematography, editing, technical aspects, but not necessarily.

My entry, among many, is Fight Club. I watched it again this past weekend and even though I've seen it a dozen times I just enjoyed the hell out of it. And for 1999 the effects were so cool. They still hold up well.





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I think a lot of the family movies from the 80s and 90s hold up really well and are quite fun.  Princess Bride, Goonies, Mighty Ducks, Cool Runnings, Hook..  I watched these with my kids and didn't expect them to be so enjoyable.

There is a Japanese movie called Ping Pong about ping pong players that is a fucking blast.

Timecrimes is a Spanish movie about time travel that is hilarious and fun.

Idiocracy is not only the most quotable movie from that era, but it is still funny as fuck to this day, maybe even funnier now than when it came out.  

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American Graffiti is up there for me, but I think Back to the Future has a little more fun with the 50’s.
This is such a broad category. It can be anything really. 
I guess Animal House is my favorite fun movie. It never takes itself seriously and just has a good time. 

Rewatched Animal House for the jillionith time the other night. Great memories
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I feel like I'd classify this as stuff I can sit down and watch whenever it's on through to the ending. 


Pirates of the Carribean - the first 3. It gets shitty after that. 

Land of the Lost (the will Ferrell one).

Raising Arizona. 

Avengers movies (mainly 1 3 and 4).

Ocean's eleven. The sequels are decent too.

Casino Royale.


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I remember the first time I saw Super Troopers.  When they chased Mac into the bar and it seems all intense and then Mac reveals himself and Thorny pulls out money and is like “I’m gonna pay you, but I shouldn’t…”  That was crazy and hilarious and I thought it was going to be a different kind of movie and fun as fuck.  And it was, and still is. 

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